Why Facebook is more about Branding rather than Selling

Many people think that Facebook is about selling products, but it is not. You may be scratching your head and wondering why I just said that. Well, let me explain. When I started this company in 2008, I was astounded at Facebook’s capability to allow small businesses the opportunity to brand themselves. Prior to that time, it was virtually impossible for a small business with a small budget to brand themselves. But, with Facebook, all that has changed. So, what is branding? Well, when I say McDonalds, do you think of hamburgers? When I say cell phones, do you think of Apple? When I say watch, do you think of Timex. That’s branding! Branding will grow your business way beyond the sell or two you get on Facebook. Branding moves you from a simple product or service to a hot commodity, triggering someone to think about your name when they think about what you offer. And…. Facebook serves as the perfect platform to make that happen. From the exposure Facebook offers, people will gravitate toward your business and take an interest in buying your product. So, if you’re thinking about using Facebook to sell your product, you’re not thinking big enough. Let Facebook help brand your business as the name that everyone must have!

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