Support my Dogs Lavish Lifestyle PLEASE

As I always say DOGS!!! You cant live with them but you cant live without them!!

First and foremost, I am a dog lover. Anyone who knows me will tell you my “fur babies” are a huge part of my life. I rescue as many as possible much to the chagrin of my very um supportive husband. I have once said I will empty a bank account for my dog. Sounds extreme I know but it is true. My babies live the high life. They have what I have come to call carpet paws.

When I first adopted a dog with my ex-husband I said we need to get a “Hearty” dog that is small and can stay outside. We decided on a dachshund named Abby. The staying outside thing lasted about 20 minutes and I couldn’t stand not being near her. That was the last time any of my babies were ever outside for more than going to do their business. Hence the carpet paws. Nothing is too good for my dogs.

They all have their own beds and love for me to warm up blankets in the dryer for their warm comfort. All these things tend to add up. I’m not saying I’m only eating Ramen noodles and the puppies have filets, but they are expensive. So, I am asking for your support to let my dogs continue to live the life they are accustomed too. SO PLEASE buy stuff from me and support The Blue Focus for puppies and America!

My dogs have put together a list of things they would like 

Miss Ellie would like a bigger bowl.  she was heard saying are you kidding me how can I live on rations like that.  Please SHOP NOW and tell my momma to buy me a DOG BOWL, not a condiment bowl!



Lady Bird would like a bigger bed.  It seemed to fit at one point in my life.

Beau needs pants!!  He’s a guy so he doesn’t ask for a lot!! He would, however, welcome any tree climbing tips.  He just can never seem to catch the squirrels.

AND last but not least Wheezy needs her own pillow she really doesn’t like Miss Ellie

PLUS  I was here FIRST!! That little dog is mean to me! I am wayyyyy cuter.  OH, AND BTW what “Princess Ellie” really needs is more hair. What is with that non-fluffy coat!!

So that is my family and when you do business with The Blue Focus you put food on their table, beds under their paws and treats LOTS AND LOTS OF TREATS!!







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