Shop Loyal, Shop Local

Why I shop loyal and local.

We all see all the ads for the big box stores and buying online, in print, TV, and on the web. Why? Because they know how valuable your dollar is to their bottom line. This is why they spend millions to get it.  And by doing so they have grown to be multi-billion-dollar industry leaders.

Now think, what if I spent that money here in my local community? I would be helping my neighbors and even myself.  Let’s look back at both of these scenarios.

My local business owner is a person just like me. He decided to take a leap and be his own boss. He puts in way more than the average 40 hours a week. He takes pride in what he does. And knows the community is the backbone of his success. He will work hard to earn that sale and provide that service you don’t get from the “Big” places.

How will this benefit me? A strong local economy brings in future residents and other jobs from other businesses. The growth in the economy will affect home values which in turn promote school growth. Which brings in more families to the community. Shopping local is the best way to support your town. You love this place that’s why you moved here, so do what you can to only make it better. Shop local and make a difference.

Remeber this the next time you log in to Amazon or shop at a big retail.  Shopping loyal and local has become a dying art and I am focused on bringing life back into the heart of Conway!

I am a very loyal and local shopper! I love Conway and want to see her grow and succeed.  If your a small business give me shout and I will shop YOU!!!



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