Rack’um Please!!

No, I’m not playing pool today!!! Although back in the day, I could definitely hold my own!  I digress.
I’m feeling a little nostalgic today. I was going thru some old boxes and came across some tri-fold brochures I made for a client way back (I MEAN WAYYYY BACK) when.  Man, they looked great.  I worked so hard to get them to flow right as you opened them up and read thru the tons of information and photos.  Let me tell you they were state of the art at the time. Now lets fast forward 20ish years…
We live in an instant gratification society now.  Our attention span has shrunk like a grape in the sun. We now have to grab peoples focus in a much faster and streamlined way.  Reading a tri-fold brochure?!?!?!? “Ain’t nobody got time for that”
Let me introduce you to RACK CARDS.  These little gems are amazing.  You can put them in simple little holders for anyone to take with them. They don’t take up a lot of space and depending on who designs them they can be extremely beautiful and eye-catching.  Rack cards are an easy, inexpensive marketing tool to showcase your business to the masses.  the also fit perfectly in the Conway Area Chamber of Commerce lobby.
Sure in 20 years they will be in my attic when I find one and I will remember how cool they are for the time period were in as I digitally project my client’s information on a cloud in the sky for everyone driving on the road to see.  Get your rack cards today and let your business grow.
I can help brainstorm the content. design the content and print the card!!!
If you want to start the brainstorming process call me at 501-269-6197 or send me an email at kim@thebluefocus.com 

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