Puppies & Babbies

What do puppies and babies have to do with my marketing strategy?? When it comes to marketing everyone tries to come up with something memorable. The object is to put a smile on your audiences face. Make people happy. Mostly this is done with humor. Like the “Where’s the beef” lady from the early eighties. Here it is thirty years later and people still remember that slogan and commercial. It was simple but effective. There is also the tried and true puppies and babies! Who doesn’t smile when they see a puppy or a baby!??!?! The pure innocence of both brings us back to a time in our youth. A simpler and happier time.

Everyone likes monkeys too. But sometimes advertisers can go too far. Who remembers the Superbowl commercial from around three years ago with the “Puppymonkeybaby”? It was rather disturbing. A creature divided into three different animals. You guessed it.. A monkey, baby, and a puppy. I still shiver when I think of it. You can view it on online here https://tinyurl.com/y9jtg392 I will wait…
Welcome back. Sorry to do that to you. They tried the holy trinity of marketing FAIL. Sometimes less is more. The object is to bring a smile to their face not a look of shock.

These tools don’t work in only commercials. With the success of MEMES in social media puppies and babies are pure gold. Get with your marketing professional and come up with a theme and execute a perfect marketing strategy. Use the tried and true to help your business. The world will always have puppies and babies. With your successful implementation of these, the world will always have you. If you want help with your marketing plan for social media, your website or in print give us a call. Kim SLaughter has a degree in business and marketing and will help you develop and execute the marketing plan. Visit our Facebook page at www.facebook.com/thebluefocus


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