New Recommendation Feature for FB

Facebook has become a venue of action instead of just talk due to it’s new “Recommendation” feature. Now when a close friend needs to know where the best coffee shops are this side of Columbia, contacts will answer in real time with a map for directions and links to the various espresso spots. When a friend across the country, or even the globe, wants to know where the best spelunking might be in your area on Facebook, the new revolution of word of mouth through this exciting and innovative Recommendation feature lets them communicate with the locale like a specialized search engine! Only better! When friends start sharing their life experiences with you, a map appears to guide customers straight to the perfect door of YOUR business. But it doesn’t end with global communication through maps, this program is interactive and site specific to critical information that your page offers. In addition to store hours and the usual offerings, there could be links to menus and products, order procurement, appointment setting and surfing the specialized services your business offers. With a partnership of Facebook and Recommendations, your page’s limit is our imagination.


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