Lip Sync Video with a Message of Peace and Happiness

Peace and Happiness 

When I first started seeing all the police department lip sync challenge videos I was so moved I had to be involved.  “I think these videos are really bringing the police departments to the community and making them human.”

Getting it Done!

I called the Greenbrier PD (since Conway had already made one) and volunteered my time.  I team up with Sharpe Videography and together we set out to create a fun video that would make people happy.  In addition, we wanted to bring back some memories and create a powerful message for peace.  We chose “Come On Get Happy” by the Partridge Family.  A classic we can all relate too and many of us (including myself) grew up watching.  Sharpe is an excellent videographer and I could have NEVER done it without him donating his hard work and help to the project.

So many other folks helped make the video a reality.  Chief Gene Earnhart, Lt. Rick Woody, Lucas Emberton, Tim Woody, and John Ed Hendricks are the police officers involved in the project.  Also, the Greenbrier Dance Academy provided dances and extras.   Tumblers included Lexi Kennedy, Ava Harrison, Elle Ponson, Piper Cordell, and Kennedie Behel. We would like to thank everyone who volunteered their time.  You didn’t have too.  We realize you did because of the love of your community and the folks that protect it.

Supporting our Men in BLUE 

The Blue Focus has always supported our men in Blue for all the sacrifices they make daily to keep us safe.

To view the entire video CLICK HERE

To see the THV11 story on our Lip Sync Video CLICK HERE

We hope you enjoyed this Lip Sync Challenge video but most importantly we hope it made you HAPPY!!!

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