It’s called social media not advertising media.

I have been in Marketing for over 25 years and Facebook is by far the most cost effective way of gaining business but there is a trick to it. Branding your business and portraying the right message is critical.
So how much time do we look at ads on Facebook vs. seeing what our friends and relatives are up too. When I log in I do not want to be inundated with buy this try that or my favorite “I went to that site you told me to and I got a new laptop”
I understand some ads. I have actually been able to follow up on some my friends have suggested and been quite happy. I mean more people look at Facebook than they do the news or “zip” thru commercials from DVR shows. However there has to be a limit. After some research the more actual “Adds” you use instead of social interaction the “Adds” fall off.
Try to engage your fans and get them interested in what you are saying. Ask questions, conduct a survey or simply post an inspirational saying. Just make sure everything isn’t an ad or you might end up in a FACEBOOK abyss.
That’s my thought of the day. Thanks again for reading. Hope to see you again for the next installment “As the Facebook turns”. Same Kim Time and same Kim channel.


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