Introducing the Blue Mobile 2.1! Honk if you see ME!!

The Blue Focus NEW IMPROVED AND BIGGER!  Many people who meet me for the first time and after they find out where I work say…”Oh, you are the girl with the car!!! the CARTOON CAR!!” I say yes and then smile REALLY big and with my inside voice think “BRANDING” and YES us marketers can be a little obnoxious with our vehicles!!

The Blue Focus has turned a new page. I am sure you all remember The Blue Focus 2.0 mobile.  I was so excited when I first purchased my little blue Kia Soul.  It was so cute and wrapped nicely.  I purchased it from Crain Kia the #1 Kia dealership in the state!! GO Crain TEAM!!

I digress, it was the first company car that said “The Blue Focus” and I loved this driving advertising machine.  The success of my business has outgrown the little Soul.  It was time to say farewell!!  Back to Crain (did I mention they were the #1 Kia dealership in Arkansas!!)  This time a Kia Sportage caught my eye and Scott Padgett hooked me up!!!  I now have a new, improved AND bigger Kia. The Blue Focus mobile is NOW on the roads of Conway.  WATCH OUT!! The wrap is now bigger than ever to cover the new bigger Kia Sportage.

Be sure to give a honk when you see it and I will surely honk back. Thank you all for your support in making my little business grow. Conway is truly the Greatest City on Earth because we have the Greatest people on earth.  If I keep going like this I see a 747 in the future.

If you see a Kia in your future check them out at (did I mention they are the #1 Kia dealer in Arkansas) For more info about The Blue Focus please contact Kim Slaughter 501-269-6197 or email


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