It’s Hot and I’m FAT

Please. DO NOT invite me to outside events. It’s hot, and I’m FAT.

I saw this Facebook meme and had to write an entire blog about it. Why, because that is what I do.  Please don’t be annoyed.

Just like everyone I have friends that invite me to various events during the summer.  Some of these events are inside. Networking get-togethers, movies and of course dinner.  ALL GOOD!!! However, sometimes I am invited to outdoor events.  This is where a friendship can go south real fast.  To prevent this I am sharing this blog with ALL my friends. I hope this will serve as a standing answer to all your outdoor invites. NO

Yes, it is outside!! 

Before you invite me to a ball game, the lake, family reunion, BBQ, car shows, the park, concert, etc. You get the point.  Ask yourself this question FIRST.

Is it outside? If the answer is yes then my answer will be ” I would love to but I have this other inside air-conditioned thing”  In other words It’s HOT and I’m FAT.

I hope this has cleared up any hurt feelings that might have occurred from me declining an invite. It is not that we are not good friends, it is not that I don’t love you to death. It’s because It’s HOT and I’m FAT.

Come this winter if you would like to attend an outdoor event I will be more than willing to accept.  See I have a plethora of insulation around my bones.   I practically have a built-in R factor of 14, so I’m good.  To all my friend that eat right and work out, this might not work for you since you have no insulation on your bones.  We may have to stick to year round indoor events.


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