# HashTag This!!!

Welcome to the world of hashtags. Also known as the pound sign to us old people. You might wonder what’s with all the hashtags. Do I need them, what do they mean, and how should I use them? Hashtags are the easiest way to get your message found in social media. A hashtag is an indexing system in social media. Just by simply placing that symbol in front of your name or message it is easily searched or identified by social users. Some experts believe the more you hashtag the more successful your ad campaign will be. Others disagree. I believe there is a time and a place for hashtag and moderation is the key. I think you use it to highlight the main point of your message. Think of Hashtags like keywords. SOmething a person were to type if they were searching for the service or product you are trying to promote. You don’t want to saturate your message. Use it to get your important ideas noticed. If used correctly it is easy to “Trend”. Trending is where people in the area can look and see what everyone else is talking about or noticing. Use hashtags that are already trending in your post like #oscars or #prayfor…  or common popular hashtags like the ones recommended in this article #BestHashtags It is your job or the job of The Blue FOCUS to be trending. A simple post with proper hashtag placement can mean the difference between your message going unnoticed or trending to the demographics of your choice. This is a powerful tool at your social media disposal. Imagine talking about your business to your existing customers to reignite their interest and sparking a whole new market just because you’re are using the hashtag to is the best optimization. For more info on hashtags or for a FREE consultation email kim@thebluefocus.com #thebluefocus


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