Get Elected, the struggles with running a campaign.

Get Elected 
So you have decided to run for office and NOW you need to get elected! Anyone who has watched the news in the last 30 years understands running for a political office is mentally demanding and quite expensive.  I believe in the American republic and I am very involved with both local and state government.  The Blue Focus is here to help with the cost of getting your name out to the voters.

What we can do...
Did you know we can make car magnets to be placed on your door or trunk? You can get creative with these. Color and verbiage are up to you. Car magnets are easy to attach and easy to remove. If you have more than one car you drive regularly this is a great option since you can switch it in a moments notice.  Want something a little more permanent but not too permanent? Try having us make you a bumper sticker.  Give them out to your constituents to place on their vehicle to show support for you.

Ger Elected with Printing and Promotional Products
We can also make posters ,  rach cards, and yard signs.  Really anything that you PRINT!! we can put your name on promotional products like fans, cell phone wallets, can insulators, pens, not pads EVEN FRISBEES!!!

Get Elected with Design Services 
We can create a logo or design your printed material.

Get Elected with Social Media 
We all know the power social media has on getting your message out.  We are a 10-year-old social media company. We are A+ rated with the BBB and know exactly what it will take to maximize your social media efforts.

Here is the best part at The Blue FOCUS we have very special pricing of anyone running for office. Stretching your campaign funds as far as they can go is a GOOD THING.  Not sure what you need and want some ideas CLICK HERE and remember there are special discounts for anyone running for office.  You can also call me anytime for a FREE marketing consultation.  Kim Slaughter 501-269-6197. Let The Blue Focus help you elected!!!


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