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Guest Blog writer!! Soon to be The Blue Focus Blog writer!!!

The Fried Chicken Fame got out of hand very quickly. My review of the Great Chicken War of 2019 proved to be my “15 minutes of fame,” and I must say that I am very proud fried chicken lead me to my destiny of greatness – I always knew my love of fried foods would pay off someday. After writing the post, I thought to myself “that’s a pretty good one. I might even get three or four shares.” The events that followed could never have been anticipated.

A few Facebook likes turned into a request to make the post public so it could be shared, and before I knew it a few shares turned into a few hundred shares, which turned into a few thousand and is now just shy of 100,000 shares. After the shares took off, then friend requests came rolling in – 678 requests as of Aug. 27. Guys, I’m flattered, but Mama taught me not to talk to strangers so please don’t be upset if I don’t accept, I’m just trying to avoid being kidnapped by potential stalkers because ya know, I’m fried chicken famous now *hairflip*.

Then came the hate mail, and let me tell you there are people in this world who hate Chick-fil-A with the fire of a thousand Spicy Deluxe’s. While a vast majority of the responses I received were positive, I did hear from several folks who had choice, four-letter words about The Original Chicken Sandwich. Words that I will not repeat as I am still working to get back on Chick-fil-A’s good side after my very public cheating scandal.

The pickle on top of this Fried Chicken Fame sandwich came when Kim Slaughter, Owner and Marketing Executive of The Blue Focus, contacted me asking if I would be interested in writing blogs for her business. So, here I am. Post-Fried Chicken Fame, and current “famous” fried blogger. Follow your dreams, folks. You never know when a simple taste test might lead you to your destiny.

Visit each restaurant yourself and choose your own fried chicken favorite! You can view the Popeyes menu here, and the Chick-fil-A menu here.

To view the original post of my Popeyes vs. Chick-fil-A review, please click here.


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