Finally The Story Behind The Blue Focus Name!

So, I am finally going to let everyone in on how The Blue Focus got its name.  I have people ask me how did I come up with the name for my business The Blue Focus.

Let me take a trip down memory lane and share the story.

I spent many years in the optical field and owned a marketing and management consulting company PRISM for over 18 years.  At firist i specialized on optometry.  My company shortly added and dental offices. This went on for years and then comes along Facebook to change everything.

Along CAME Facebook and everything changed. 

In 2018 when Facebook started to become more and more popular I decided to use it as an additional tool in my client’s marketing efforts.   I was fortunate enough to see how big Facebook was going to become early on and saw the opportunity to use it in marketing.  I charged a separate fee and wanted to create a separate company I felt Facebook would be THAT BIG.   I called my new company ChromaFOCUS.  Chroma is a dental term and of course, focus is vision.  My new venture was so successful my clients began to refer their friends to me.

Facebook grew and so did ChromaFOCUS 

Because ChromaFOCUS was a specialized name and I felt in my gut Facebook would drive the future of marketing.  I wanted to create a name that SCREAMED FACEBOOK!! I decided to change the name of my business to The Blue Focus (in hindsight dsite I wish I would have NOT added a THE but that’s a whole other BLOG)  I used the same color scheme of blue as Facebook and adopted their signature “F”. Now I no longer FOCUS on  optometry and dentistry and I sold my consulting company years ago. But, my gut was right and Facebook has pioneered a new way of marketing and I was glad to be on the forefront of it.    I help any and all businesses with my experience and creativity.  I feel extremely fortunate to do what I love every day and have been able to do it for so long.

Now when you see The Blue FOCUS you will know “the rest of the story”

To learn more visit my website The Blue Focus 


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