Don’t be a Guppy in a Sea of Sharks

Funny thing happened the other month. I went to a new restaurant and enjoyed a great meal. Wanting to remember this place I picked up a business card on the way out. I did the same thing we all do and put it in my little rolodex of a wallet. The problem was it was such a nondescript white card with black type print it seemed to get lost in the bottomless card sea.
Fast forward to yesterday…. I wanted to go back to that restaurant. I searched the sea. A big bold embossed blue card for another local restaurant I liked before stood out before I could find the other one in the same school of white and black cards. Guess which restaurant I went too? You guessed it. The pretty blue one. Went with friends and had a great time. Drinks and food ended up being a small fortune but the time with friends was worth it.
Moral of the story is your card is a reflection of your business and success. I’m sure the pretty blue one cost more than the white one but after the one dinner I had with friends I am sure we paid for at least three years worth of reprints, the white and black card really didn’t help the other place too much.
We all need to do what we can to stand out from the sea of competition. Don’t be a guppy in the world of sharks. Your card not only identifies you and your business but also your quality and desire to work harder than the rest to make SURE you are remembered.
That’s it for now people thanks for reading and I will blog some more next time the inspiration hints. Until then stay safe and stay tuned….

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