Dickey’s Cup Please!

Advertisers spell success S-W-A-G.

Case and POINT!!!

Today lets talk about one of my favorite things, free stuff. As many of you know I lived in Dallas for a while. There is a well-known bar-b-que place there called Dickey’s BBQ.  They are famous for the big yellow cups they give you for your sweet tea or unsweet tea (who would want that.)  You get to take this cup with you.  I grew quite a collection of these in the house.  They are a great size and easily recognizable.  So when friends were over and we were hanging out in the backyard everyone got a Dickey’s cup for their beverages.  Friends from out of town would see these and want to got out to eat later. Guess where we went?!?!?! Dickey’s.
This is a prime example of putting your brand on an item that people can take home and actually use.  Kitchen gadgets are the best. I bet if you go in your kitchen drawers or cup cabinets you will find some cups like Dickey’s cup or chip clips from some business or another. These are not consumables so they last and keep your brand out there for years. The return on investment is amazing. So next time you are planning an event don’t forget to invest in some branded kitchen gadgets and see how many of your friends still have them years later.
Here some facts you may not know.
1. A Louisiana State University survey found offering a promotional product when asking for referrals generated 500 percent more referrals than asking for referrals without a promotional incentive. Sales + promotional products = match made in heaven.
2. If you’re wondering if you can afford to brand with promotional products, you’ll love these stats. Promotional products cost just 0.7 cents per impression. That’s far less than other advertising channels. To compare, newspaper ads cost 3.2 cents, prime-time TV ads cost 2.5 cents and national magazine ads cost 2.4 cents per impression. It makes sense to use the attention-getting power of promotional products in your advertising mix.
3. How long do those impressions last? Seventy-six percent of respondents recalled an advertiser on a promotional product received in the past 12 months. (Do you hear cheering? We do!) By contrast, 80 percent of consumers said they read a newspaper or magazine within the past week, but only about 53 percent could recall an advertiser’s name.
4. Six in 10 of them keep promotional products for up to two years! that number increases when a promotional item is a tool or non-consumable. Like a Dickey’s cup!! HINT HINT.
5.  Only one in five people will trash an unwanted promotional product. They keep THEM!! PLUS after receiving a promotional product, 85 percent of people did business with the advertiser.
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