How to Boost Your Email Marketing Results

Your subscribers receive more emails in their inboxes than ever before (we all do, really). Sending the same types of messages every week makes it more likely your audience will start unsubscribing. If you want to increase your engagement rates and see more conversions from your email list, then it’s time to revamp your email marketing strategy. We’ve collected 5 of the best tips and tricks you can start implementing today that will help make your email marketing more effective!

Grab Their Attention With a Great Subject Line

What makes your customers open your email over the hundreds of others in their inbox? The subject line is often overlooked but one of the most important parts of every email. If it gets deleted before they open it, then it doesn’t matter how great the content inside the email is!

Keep the Text Short and Scannable

Once they’ve opened the email thanks to your amazing subject line, they want to quickly get the gist of the email by looking at the pictures and scanning the text.  No one wants to read a lengthy intro paragraph before getting to the purpose of the email. Keep each section down to one or two sentences and focus on the products or services.

Stick to Your Theme

Each email that your company sends should have one specific purpose. Whether it’s to inform, inspire, or promote, it’s important to narrow down your focus early on in the design process.  By sticking to your theme, you’ll have a cohesive email design and you can showcase your business.

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Check Your Statistics After Every Email

Don’t get stuck in a “send it and forget it” mentality, every email can provide you great feedback into what is working for your audience. You can use your open rates to see if your subject lines are enticing customers to open your emails or find out what days and times your emails get the most engagement.  If you have a lower open rate on a Sunday morning and through-the-roof engagement on a Wednesday afternoon, you’ll know when to schedule the next campaign to reach more people.

Are people opening your email but not clicking on any of your call-to-action buttons? You might have too much descriptive text or not enough content that your customers are interested in. The click-through rate (CTR) can tell you more about the content of the email and help you focus on what your readers are really interested in.

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