Be an Inspiration Leader

There are specific traits of a good leader. Most can be learned, some are naturally god given. Here are a few traits I have deemed absolute to be an effective and good leader.
Be flexible:
Not everything goes as planned. Things happen. People will be late with deadlines, traffic will happen and people learn at different levels. A true leader is flexible enough to deal and react to these situations. Not everything is set in stone. Go with the punches and change plans and gears as needed.
Business leaders are usually good at speaking but that is just a small part of communication. Be able to express your ideas and thoughts in a clear manner for your subordinates to understand. It does a leader no good to speak and not be comprehended as to what they are saying or the direction you want them to go. If the plan is not realized due to the insufficient direction it is the leader’s fault. The most important part of communication is listening. Here is where a leader learns if their vision is understood. It is a chance to avoid time loss and wasted resources.
You are a leader because someone helped you at some point. Pay it back. Not every employee is going to get it right the first time. Don’t give up on them. Someone didn’t give up on you. It is your job as an effective leader to train them for success in life and business.
Be the first to hand out the “attaboys”. The success of a business goes from the ground up. If the small guy is working hard it helps further up the chain. Let them know they are a reason for the success. Conversely, stuff rolls downhill. Poor leadership rolls down to the small guy making his job harder if not impossible. We all as a species want to succeed. And feel good at a job well done. A leader accomplishes this for themselves and their subordinates.

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