A Day In The Life of a Business Owner

1. Wake up early
    a. Make a list of things “to do”
    b. Review emails and messages.
    c. Leave early to miss school zones.
    d. Forget breakfast.
2.  Get to work
    a. Put out fires from the night before.
    b. Clean up desk.
    c. Start the coffee.
    d. Get busy answering questions.
    e. Forget to drink coffee.
3.  Start destroying desk.
    a. Handle emergency matters.
    b. Handle extremely urgent matters.
    c. Handle urgent matters.
    d. Handle ASAP matters.
    e. Put off other matters until after work.
    f. Realize there is no after work.
4.  Go to lunch.
    a. Order-in to work on other matters.
    b. Forget to eat lunch.
5.  Answer Emails and messages.
    a. Remember your To-Do list.
    b. Add 7 things to it.
6.  Close office.
    a. Vacuum, sweep, take out trash, clean windows, clean bathroom,
fix leak, try to figure out HVAC system, lock doors, recheck locked
7.  Go home.
    a. Review Emails and messages.
    b. Make food.
    c. Actually eat it, but read files while doing it.
    d. Shower and brush teeth.
8.  Go to bed.
    a. Lay there thinking of ways to make yourself and your business better.
    b. Remember the To-Do list and curse.
    c. Promise yourself to make it a PRIORITY.

d. Forget there is not a PRIORITY on the emergency, extremely urgent, or urgent list.

    e. See 12am on the clock.

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