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Grow your business with the fidget spinner CRAZE!!!!

This has got to be the best promotional advertising tool by far and has your business literally right at the customer’s fingertips. Fidget Spinners seem to attract everyone to their whimsical balancing act and have taken the summer by...

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First Impressions

Today we are going to talk about first impressions. We all have them. Remember walking into the DMV and seeing that line and think this is going to take ALL day. We always want to make a great first impression....

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Don’t be a Guppy in a Sea of Sharks

Funny thing happened the other month. I went to a new restaurant and enjoyed a great meal. Wanting to remember this place I picked up a business card on the way out. I did the same thing we all...

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Effective Facebook Video Best Practices for 2017

As we all prepare our marketing strategies for the coming year, it’s important to keep in mind that effective Facebook video best practices are an important part of the marketing mix. Mark Zuckerberg has REPEATEDLY STATED he wants to make...

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5 Reasons Your Business Needs to be on Facebook

OK, you’ve done it. You’ve started your small business. You have a great product. You’re making sales. Things are going well. But you can always use more customers, right? How can you continue to grow your reach? Increasingly, social media,...

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